Express way to solve Life Hurdles: Happiness Lifestyle Blueprint


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  • SUN
    16 JUN
  • 07:00 PM

16 June 2024 Sunday, 07:00 PM IST

Who can attend this webinar?

1.If you feel exhausted while balancing work and personal life
2.If you are having problems in your career growth
3.If you feel you are unable to cope with stress, anxiety and pressure in your life
4.If you are sleep deprived
5.If you feel guilty and have difficulty in balancing healthy family relationships
6.If you have chronic health conditions
7.If you feel you are facing any kind of MONEY PROBLEM

What benefits will you get?

1.You will achieve joyful work-life balance
2.You will achieve your dream career  
3.You will experience inner peace, stress free life  
4.You will get Quality sleep  
5.You will have strong relationships  
6.You will enjoy Optimal physical health  
7.You will experience Financial Growth

Witness The Miraculous Results Of Our Participants


•The "Magical Ho'oponopono System" is designed to address a wide range of life challenges. Our holistic approach means there's something for everyone.

No prior preparation is required. We'll guide you through the process step-by-step during the webinar.

Yes definitely, you will have an opportunity to ask your questions at the end of the webinar.

Join us in this 60 mins interactive webinar and learn about magical hooponopono technique, how it can help us to achieve stressfree life by understanding root cause of our life problems and how to work upon it. Make sure you have pen and notepad with you.

Smita Nirale will be discussing the benefits of Magical Hoponopono System, during the webinar and also be offering a special deal for those action takers who are committed to achieve stressfree life.

Yes, to respect your dedication and efforts to attend this webinar, Smita Nirale will be giving you a gift.